Stand Up Disciplines

Our stand up adaptive ski program includes 4-track, 3-track, and 2-track skiing as well as visually impaired skiing and adaptive snowboarding. Join us by calling 970-385-2163 or e-mailing Download participant forms and waivers HERE.

adaptive ski program4-Track Skiing

Four tracks in the snow with two skis and two hand held outriggers or a device similar to a walker adapted for the snow, is what 4-tracking is all about. Mild Cerebral Palsy and people with strength and balance issues make the perfect 4-track candidate. The photo to the left shows the “Snow Slider,” which is also a popular method of 4-tracking!




adaptive ski program3-Track Skiing

Three tracks in the snow with one ski and two hand held outriggers is what 3-tracking entails. Individuals with above the knee amputations typically use this method of skiing.








adaptive ski program colorado

2-Track Skiing

This traditional style of skiing with two regular skis and poles, is ideal for individuals with many cognitive and less involved physical disabilities. Adaptive aids (tethers, ski-bras, spacers, etc.) are often used to facilitate instruction with 2-track skiing.





adaptive ski programVisually Impaired Skiing

ASA is proud of their instructors who are specifically trained for instruction with individuals with blindness or various visual impairments. As with all ASA lessons, safety is our primary concern.

A variety of electronic and adaptive aids are available to ensure comfort and success.




adaptive snowboardingSnowboarding

Snowboarding is a popular way to ride the snow. We encourage anyone who we can accommodate to try snowboarding with modifications and adaptations for various types of disabilities.




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