Winter Program Scholarships

We at Adaptive Sports Association (ASA) understand that accessibility concerns are not purely physical when looking into outdoor recreation and sports activities and financial barriers often play a role as well.

An ongoing goal of ASA has been to provide our services to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay. Individual financial assistance is available to ALL qualified participants!

Our program staff works closely with the teachers, group leaders, counselors, parents, and students to determine the level of financial need. These discussions take place at the time of the reservation. All financial assistance is determined on a case-by-case basis through these discreet conversations.

Remember, we never want finances to be a barrier to participation with our program! Please contact Klancy Nixon, Program Director at [email protected]

“Some of the great benefits of this program is that if lifts the kids confidence… To see them up on the mountain, you can’t tell that they have special needs of any kind.”

— Paraprofessional from Durango School District