Participant Forms

Participant Forms for ASA’s Summer 2022 Season

Get ASA your Preferred Dates

Step 1: Call ASA at (970)-259-0374 with your preferred dates April 26th thru May 17th

You can submit your dates by calling the office at (970)-259-0374, and you can request as many programs as you would like. ASA will send your a confirmation email by Monday, May 23rd with your scheduled program(s).

Step 2: Participant Intake Form

Click for the Participant Intake Form, fill out the form completely, and hit submit. Please note that if you are a veteran, fill out our Military Veteran Intake Form instead.

Step 3: Family/Aide Intake Form

If an individual a care provider and/or family member is going to be joining the program to assist with mask management and/or activities of daily living, please click for the Family/Aide Intake Form, fill out the form completely, and hit submit.

Step 4: Move United Waiver

Click for the Move United Waiver, and please fill out both Parts 1 & 2.

Start Your Adventure Here

Complete these 4 easy steps above to get ready for your program at Adaptive Sports Association. Please reach out if you have any questions or need help completing the forms.

If you have questions about participating at ASA this summer, please reach out by filling out the form.

    Note on Client Responsibilities

    Please note your Client Responsibilities in our Activities Risk Statement. All participants will be required to follow the Adaptive Sports Association’s Safety Policy and Procedures including policy requiring the use of helmets. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or need to make changes to your reservation.