Birdie Fest

9th Annual Birdie Fest

Glacier Club generously hosted Birdie Fest on August 24, 2020. The event raised a record amount this year – over $40,000 for ASA!

Golf is the very rare sport where the goal is to play less… the fewer the strokes the better. With this event, we love to see the number of birdies go higher and higher throughout the day. Each golf team has a team of pros who compete as they golf a 54-hole modified scramble! In partnership with the three golf clubs in Durango, this event generates much-needed funding for the Adaptive Sports Association’s winter and summer programming.

At Birdie Fest, Glacier Club, Dalton Ranch Golf Club, and Hillcrest Golf Club go head to head and rally their members to make donations – flat rate and per birdie. Golf clubs take home the coveted traveling trophy for the most individual pledges, and there are other prizes for the team with the most birdies and highest fundraising total.

2020 Results

In 2020, the event raised over $40,000 for ASA! We couldn’t have done it without the awesome teams of pros and the supportive golf club members of Durango. Hillcrest Golf Club took home the coveted trophy with the most individual pledges. Dalton Ranch Golf Club raised the most money per birdie pledges; each of their birdies raised $45 for ASA. Finally, Glacier Club raised the most money total at the event! Glacier Club had the most birdies at 86 birdies, and both Dalton and Hillcrest pros made 83 birdies!

Support Birdie Fest in 2021!
Stay tuned for a date!

Support Your Team

  • MAKE A PLEDGE PER BIRDIE : If you pledge $4 per birdie and your club makes 50 birdies, you’ll make a $200 contribution to ASA total.
  • GIVE A ONE TIME DONATION : You pick your one time amount!

Sponsor Birdie Fest

  • DONATE $1000 OR MORE: Be recognized as a Birdie Fest Sponsor.
  • SPONSOR PERK : Receive a certificate for four rounds at the Glacier Club. (Course restrictions may apply. Call ASA for info on tax-deductible donations.)