Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Forms for ASA’s Summer 2024 Season

Step 1: Volunteer Intake Form

Click for the Volunteer Intake Form, fill out the form completely, and hit submit.

Step 2: Move United Waiver

Click for the Move United Waiver, and please complete both Parts 1 & 2.

Step 3: Background Check

Click for the Background Check, and use the password provided by ASA. If you’d like to donate the cost of running your background check, select “Applicant Pay Background Check.” If you would prefer ASA to cover it, select “Company Pay Background Check.” We are more than happy to cover it. If you completed a background check this past winter, you can skip this step for the summer. Please contact ASA for the background check password by emailing [email protected]

Step 4: ASA Volunteer Handbook

Please read the ASA Volunteer Handbook, and complete the form.

Step 5: Complete Training

Check out training dates on the ASA Calendar, and call or email us to sign up!

Step 6: Child Abuse Prevention Training

Click for the Child Abuse Prevention Training. All new volunteers must complete this training before leading a lesson.  If you have already completed the training in the past, you do not have to complete the training this year. Please follow the prompts to complete training. Start with “Begin Training Now.” You can either click through the training modules or go directly to the testing center. Once you complete the test, you must take the survey to receive the Certificate of Completion. Please send that pdf. document to [email protected].