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2013 Moab Daily Access Program

Published in River Management Society Journal Summer 2014


JENNIFER JONES/River Management Society Journal

What was once a pilot program is now a permanent Access Program! In 2011 and 2012, the Bureau of Land Management’s Moab Field Office partnered with the Utah Outfitters and Guides Association, Utah State Parks and Utah Sovereign Lands to implements and conduct a program aimed to increase recreational boating opportunities along the Colorado River. The pilot program was opened to adaptive sports organizations and educational institutions. They were encouraged to apply for one week periods during which the groups could conduct as many, or as few, launches as their programs may require. The program was a success and, therefore, was adopted in 2013 as a permanent Access Program.
In 2013, the program was expanded and an additional 13 weeks were added on to include the spring and fall shoulder seasons. In total there are 35 one-week launches available through the Access Program, May through November…
During the 2013 season, nine groups participated in the program. There were 127 individuals who had a chance to experience the scenic stretch known as the Moab Daily. Although many trips were one day in length, three groups conducted overnight trips in which the participants had the opportunity of camping along the bank of the mighty Colorado River…
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