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Payroll Gleanings

Published in Payroll Gleanings February 2015

Kristin Brown enjoying a day at the lake with ASA last summer.

New to Durango, Tim Kroes needed a way to establish fresh friendships. The solution he found seemed ideal: it provided friends in spades plus cheap ski passes. But before he realized it, Tim was addicted. He was on a slippery slope with no desire to escape.

In the early 1990s, Tim started as a volunteer at the Adaptive Sports Association. According to their website, for 31 years, the ASA has enriched and transformed the lives of people with disabilities. The organization helps students of all ages overcome physical or cognitive disabilities in order to enjoy sports and recreation.

To name only a few activities, ASA students ski, snowboard, snow bike, as well as raft, water ski, camp, and rock climb. The staff and volunteers strive to adapt equipment and teaching techniques to suit every unique situation.

“Our perception of disability is often very inaccurate,” Tim explained. “Usually, we find abilities far outnumber inabilities.” Through the adaptive approach, horizons are irrevocably expanded and lives are forever changed.

As a volunteer, then a program director, and finally the executive director running the organization, Tim found his life had completely changed.

“I got addicted to the impact,” Tim confessed. He says many ASA volunteers find themselves in the same boat. The more they help students excel beyond their disabilities, the more they see the positive impact on life off the slopes. Students gain the kind of confidence that allows their family, friends, and the larger community to recognize just how capable they are.

The Dave Spencer Ski Classic, February 27—March 1, will showcase the organization’s ability to put the “fun” in fundraising. Named to honor the ASA’s founder, this event mixes donors, volunteers, and students with costumes, silly races, and lots of good times…

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