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Volunteering Today?

If  you are participating, volunteering, or a support individual with ASA today, please complete our required symptom screening. 

ASA Daily Health Screening 

2020 – 2021 Winter Volunteer Program Forms

Listed below are forms to complete your application as a volunteer with Adaptive Sports this winter. All forms needed to be completed prior to signing up for volunteer trainings or volunteering on a lesson.

Each season, we ask our volunteers to fill out new intake forms and waivers. Check back in November for updated winter intake forms!

Volunteer Required Paperwork Steps:

1. Intake Form: Click the link, fill out the form, then hit submit.

2. Move United Waiver: Please fill out both parts 1 & 2.

3. Purgatory Resort Waiver: Click the link and follow the prompts.

4. Background Check: Please use the password provided by ASA office (call (970)-385-2163 to get this password) to access the background check. Select either “Applicant Pay Background Check” (if you wish to donate the cost of the background check) OR “Company Pay Background Check” (ASA is more than happy to pay the fee for you.)

5. Child Abuse Prevention Training: Please follow the prompts to complete training. Start with “Begin Training Now.” New for this year, everyone must complete this training yearly in order to volunteer. You can either click through the training modules or go directly to the testing center. Once you complete the test, you must take the survey to receive the certificate of completion pdf. Please send that pdf document to program@asadurango.com

6. ASA Sport Protection Handbook: Read through this handbook, then fill out an acknowledgement form here: Acknowledgement of ASA Sport Protection Policy.

7. Volunteer Handbook: Please read and fill out the form of acknowledgement.

Additional Forms:

1. Season Pass Agreement

2. Frequently Asked Questions (COVID-specific)

Volunteer Required Training Steps with Instructions:

1. Watch the ASA COVID-19 Training Video: Click on the link and watch the movie.

2. Take the quiz for the video by clicking on this link for the COVID-19 Training Video Quiz: Please note that you need 100% on the quiz and the quiz is designed to not let you move on to the next question until you answer correctly. Our priority is making sure you have the knowledge of our procedures. You can also use this handout to follow along with the video and help you with your quiz. When you have finished the quiz, hit submit and you will see “Your response has been recorded.” Once you see this response, you know that you have passed the quiz and have fulfilled this requirement. Remember that you can use the video and the handout during your quiz, so please do! Please also let us know if you need assistance with this.

3. Complete a PSIA Video Training Course and send certificate to program@asadurango.comTo sign up for a clinic, please see our calendar here and call 970-403-6522 or email program@asadurango.com. These are free online trainings, regardless of membership status. You may choose one course from the following courses: “Course for New Instructors”, “Delivering the Beginner Experience: Alpine” or “Delivering the Beginner Experience: Snowboard”, whichever you feel is most applicable to you. To complete the course, follow the steps below:

a. Follow this link to the E-learning page: PSIA/ AASI E-Learning

b. If you are a member, enter your username and password and login. If you are not a member, select the orange button that says, “Non-Member- Create Free Account”.

c. If you are creating a free account, for the primary region, select “Rocky Mountain”, create your account and then log back in.

d. Once logged in, click on the link to your chosen course, either “Course for New Instructors”, “Delivering the Beginner Experience- Alpine”, or “Delivering the Beginner Experience- Snowboard”.

e. Click the “Add to Cart” button.

f. Once you have added your course (feel free to add as many of the free courses that you would like, but you’re only required to take one), on the right hand side, click “checkout”.

g. Enter your information, double check that your total says “$0.00”, and click “Place Order”. If it does not say $0, then you have most likely selected the wrong course. Double check that you have selected one of the options that you are required to take through ASA above.

h. Once you place your order, you will see a screen that says, “Your Order is Complete!”. From here, you can access the course directly and begin the course or follow the directions to take the course at another time.

i. Please note that you do not have to do the course all in one sitting. At any time, you can go back into the PSIA/AASI E-Learning Site, log in with your information, and continue the course by selecting it on the right hand side under “Registered Courses.” The full course will take you around an hour.

 j. ***IMPORTANT*** Once you have completed your course, it will give you the option to “Share Your Results”. Click “Yes- I’ll send a message now” and then hit submit. In the prompts, enter the following under name of your school: Adaptive Sports Association. Under email address to send message to, put program@asadurango.com. Then click submit! This will let us know that you completed the course. You can also print out a certificate of completion on this page.

4. Sign up for and attend a 2 hour, on- snow mini-clinic. To sign up for a clinic, please see our calendar here and call 970-403-6522 or email program@asadurango.com.

 Sign-Up for Volunteer Trainings & Lessons

After completing the volunteer paperwork, view our live program calendar to see what events, trainings and participant lessons are coming up. Be sure to click on the event to read more about it. Then, call 970-385-2163 or e-mail program@asadurango.com to sign up for an upcoming event or training.

Winter Volunteers, click here for a list of helpful resources such as training outlines, equipment information and more.

Need Information on COVID-19?

Please click the link below to visit our COVID-19 Information Page with ASA’s operating updates and links to La Plata County’s current rating on the Colorado dial. 

COVID-19 Information

Purgatory Mountain Office: Please note due to COVID-19 safety and restrictions, the office is only open for very limited access.

For all ski and snowboarding lessons, you will report to 47 Skier Pl, Durango, CO 81301 at Purgatory Resort.

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