Durango herald- Tim, Jack & Rosa

Regaining Freedom: Ski lessons take these athletes beyond the slopes

Published in the Durango Herald on March 1, 2014 In this race, it’s not about how fast you go. It’s more about how much fun you can have. It’s more about building confidence. It’s more about sharing happiness. The Adaptive Sports Association’s 16th annual Dave Spencer Ski Classic brought more than 125 participants to Durango Mountain Resort on Saturday to…

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Dave Spencer Ski Classic to celebrate a life well lived

Published in the Durango Herald on February 27, 2014 Thirty years ago, I met a young man who had a dream. That man, Dave Spencer, arrived at Purgatory, now Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort, as an accomplished skier despite having lost a leg to cancer. Dave dreamed of a program that would open doors to physically challenged individuals who could…

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Rallying for Rosa: Community gets behind recovery of local climber

Published in the Durango Telegraph on May 30, 2013 Some people just can’t be stopped, hindered or held back. Rosa Malloy-Post is one of those people. “I’m not going to be slowing down just because I’m in a wheelchair,” she said. As a wilderness guide for Outward Bound and Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Malloy-Post, 23, is an accomplished hiker, mountain…

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Harvest gala 2012

Making the Outdoors Accessible to All

Published in the Durango Herald on October 23, 2012 Why should the able-bodied have all the outdoor fun? The folks at the Durango Adaptive Sports Association answer that question with a resounding, “They shouldn’t!” During both the summer and the winter, the group provides a wide array of recreational opportunities to those with physical and cognitive disabilities, and the result…

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JERRY McBRIDE/Durango Herald Durango

Big Red is rockin’ as funds are raised for new van

Published in the Durango Herald on August 15, 2012 Saying the Durango Adaptive Sports Association gives people with cognitive and physical disabilities opportunities for outdoor recreation is only telling a small part of the story. What it really does is give confidence, restore the spirit and expand horizons. On Sunday, at the retirement party for Big Red, the organization’s multi-person…

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Adaptive sports help veterans recuperate physically, mentally after injury in combat

Published by Caryn Maconi/University of Colorado Boulder on July 21, 2012 James Stuck’s first solid memory after his accident was waking up in a hospital bed in Germany. Still in a haze, he asked the nurse if he still had his right leg. When she told him no, he broke down. “That was my most human moment, my most vulnerable…

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Big Red earns golden hubcap for service

Published in the Durango Herald on June 13, 2012 Big Red, who has carried hundreds of skiers, campers and other outdoors enthusiasts to 15 years of adventures is ready to slow down and kick back. It’s a well-deserved retirement as he reaches his 130,000-mile mark, but before he rattles and rolls into the sunset, he’s spending one last summer on…

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13-year-old rebounds from tragedy

Published in the Durango Herald on April 9, 2012 “This is SO hard,” he says as he angles the device into a quick turn and whips past us. We think he’s being facetious because it’s a beginner slope and no longer a real challenge for him, but sometimes it’s hard to tell with Noah Blue Elk Hotchkiss. One thing we…

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Auction boosts Adaptive Sports

Published in the Durango Herald on September 25, 2010 It was a wonderful and bittersweet evening when Adaptive Sports Association held its 10th and final Harvest Gala Dinner & Auction at Ken and Sue’s on Thursday. The event, which is known for being great fun, sold out in less than a week, so all 120 seats were filled. Guests arrived…

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EJ James

Shooting Beauty: Open Shutter exhibits work of adaptive photographers

Published in Durango Telegraph on February 25, 2010 Two weeks ago, Alexandre Bilodeau, the Olympic gold medalist in the moguls competition, credited his older brother Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, with being his greatest inspiration. When the camera focused on Frederic, his utter joy clearly implied the feeling is mutual. On Feb. 25, an Adaptive Sports Association (ASA) fund-raiser is…

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