Ross and Sue Ehrhardt Ski Scholarship Program

(For Southern California Participants ONLY)

The Adaptive Sports Association (ASA) enjoys very strong ties to the San Diego community. Almost 500 San Diego area residents with various disabilities have participated in the Ross and Sue Ehrhardt Ski Scholarship Program over the last twenty years. These participants are flown to Durango, CO where they stay with local host families, receive adaptive ski instruction for four days and participate in additional social activities while in Durango. The tremendous impact of this program is far reaching and often significantly alters the lives of participants.

This program is fully funded by the Torrey Pines Kiwanis Club in La Jolla, CA. If you or someone you know may be interested in this all-expenses paid scholarship program please contact Ann Marie Meighan, ASA Executive Director, at 970-259-0374 or

What scholarship participants are saying:


Watch a video from Sharp Healthcare about two past Ross and Sue Ehrhardt (formerly known as the Torrey Pines) scholarship recipients and their life after Adaptive Sports:

Past participant: “A wheelchair can’t get to so many places so it’s very liberating to be skiing with everybody… I grew up as a family that we always skied and so that was really important. I still wanted to be able to do that with my family. So I’m super happy that we’re going to have that.”
Past participant: “As soon as I started skiing, my legs finally started jumping. I think being athletic is all part of it. You have to be athletic to keep your body healing. I’m always fighting gravity but when I get to go down the hill it’s like gravity works for me… They told me that I’d never walk again but they didn’t say I wouldn’t ski.”

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