New Dimensions Scholarship Program

Adaptive Sports Association (ASA) has established a scholarship program with the objective of increasing support for out-of-state, first-time skiers and snowboarders. In turn, these new participants will help develop new relationships with various recreational therapists, service clubs, support groups, and disability organizations to ensure even more participation in adapted sport. ASA believes this will enhance the lives of an increasing number of people with disabilities by offering a new area of self-fulfillment. The statements of the overwhelming majority of past scholarship recipients have convinced us that the testimonial of just one person whose life has been changed by this experience can open the door for many others.

Expenses included in the scholarship fund

  • Round-trip transportation to and from Durango, CO
  • Five nights lodging with a host family
  • Four days of adaptive ski or snowboard instruction including: lift tickets, ski equipment, private instructors and loaner winter clothing
  • Most meals
  • Evening activities such as informal pot-luck gatherings and a farewell dinner
  • Accessible ground transportation while in Durango

Candidate Selection and Application

Ideal candidates are people with a physical disability and/or progressive disease who regularly participate in athletic activities, are able to travel to Durango, are new to disabled skiing or snowboarding, and will help “spread the word” about ASA’s program within their communities and support organizations.


 What scholarship participants are saying:

It gives you wings…

– Gabriella, quadruple amputee

When I was first accepted into the program I went through the three phases of fear, hope and dream. The “fear” came all the way here, once I got on the mountain it turned into “hope” of what I could possibly do and I have now achieved the “dream”. This truly has added a new dimension to my life. When you are diagnosed with MD, it’s a chronic illness. You go through the loss of yourself and the grief that goes along with that. When we look at pictures of ourselves from the past we realize that’s us and remember it being taken but we don’t remember that person. So this experience has created a new dimension in my life, and a new (me).‘”

– 2007 Participant with multiple sclerosis

You have an amazing program with amazing people involved. You really do change people’s lives by giving them a sense of accomplishment & a feeling that they can take on new challenges in their life. It goes far beyond the skiing! Thank you for all that you do!

– Past participant with a spinal cord injury

I never ever thought that I would be able to ski again. This program…words can’t describe it; fantastic can’t describe it; awesome can’t describe it. It’s like being in heaven with angels around me. I don’t want to go home!

– 2007 Participant