Madison West Kiwanis Club

The Madison West Kiwanis Club kicked off a fantastic multi-year scholarship program in 2008 with Adaptive Sports. In May 2006, well-known scientist, University of Wisconsin (U of W) alumna and former faculty member Ethel Allen passed away at 98. The provisions of her estate called for a distribution of funds to the Madison West Kiwanis Club to be used exclusively for scholarships for Madison area residents with disabilities to participate in Adaptive Sports Association (ASA) programming and disabled sports. It appears that Mrs. Allen was somehow familiar with Adaptive Sports from the time that ASA co-founder, Dave Spencer attended U of W. She included this funding in her will at that time. The wife of a club member also worked as Dave’s chemo nurse in the mid 80’s. Such a small world! Tim Kroes (then ASA Executive Director) met with the club during the summer of 2007 to work through the details of the implementing this new scholarship program. Each February or March brings a group of adaptive skiers from Madison, WI. Current plans are for at least one week of Madison scholarship recipients each winter.

We’re excited about a long term, collaborative effort with this club and further developing our ties with Madison, WI.

What scholarship participants are saying:

Everything about my trip was beautiful and perfect. It so exceeded my expectations, I was just blown away. I came away from it amazed that people can be so warm and inviting and immediately welcome me into the ASA family. I was so impressed by the people that give so much of their time and resources to help people like me learn to put their disease on the back burner and LIVE fully and experience LIFE! It was a great experience for me – I’ll never forget it!

Read about impact and experience of previous Ethel Allen scholarship recipients in Pushing the Limits of Possible published in the River Alliance of Wisconsin.

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